KiwiCo: fun hands-on activities for kids

As a Product Designer at KiwiCo, I designed fun and educational hands-on projects that encourages learning and creative confidence. I developed and led product design on 3 different product lines, Tadpole crate (0-2 year olds), Koala crate (3-4 year olds), and Doodle crate (9-16). All concepts went through multiple rounds of play testing to ensure they they are fun and creative beyond the project itself.

KOALA CRATE (3-4): I design short and fun STEAM based activities around age appropriate themes. Each crate includes a mix of 3 projects ranging from crafting to  experimenting.  Some examples of themes include Glowing Nature, Dinosaurs, and Pirates. Here is an example of a crate I designed!


TADPOLE CRATE (0-2): I design engaging and age appropriate experiences for 0-2 year olds. I work closely with the content team to create activities and products that pair with the educational development of a specific age range. Here is an example of a crate I designed!


DOODLE CRATE (9-16):  I designed functional projects that focused around teaching specific design techniques. Worked closely with various vendors to ensure the materials we received were high quality and cost effective.


Each project goes through multiple rounds of play testing, see photos below of the process!