Promotion & Education at National Taiwan Museum

Series of projects to promote and educate the public on the history and culture of Taiwan.
Projects include illustrations, posters, souvenirs, and exhibit related designs.
(Programs used: Photoshop, Illustrator)

standardmap copy

Map of the 228 peace park for a children’s camp scavenger hunt activity, highlighting the historical and cultural aspects of the park

Illustrations for the culturally significant sites located on the 228 peace park

layout Series of poster concepts created for a historical tour event

Drawings of the museum buildings and collections


Souvenir concept based off an ancient map of Taiwan (created during the Qing dynasty)
A set of stationery envelopes with scenes of nature, rural life, and urban life during the 1700’s

Souvenir concept based off of the Flag of Formosan Republic-a symbol of resistance towards Japanese colonial rule.


Incorporating culturally significant artifacts into modern day products to remind people of the story of the past.